1. Charter

    The charter is our founding document, it describes our mission.

    The ZETA Alliance

    Mission: To build an alliance of users, partners, and contributors for the ZCS platform to help ensure its long term success and health as a F/LOSS project.

    Short Charter
    To build a strong alliance and community that is either on equal footing or outside of the Zimbra Inc. business and is free of the fear of 'conflict of interests'.

    That the alliances central goal is to promote and ensure the long term success and health of the ZCS project.

    To be the cornerstone for ZCS knowledge and community support and development.

    To be the cornerstone for commercial and noncommercial ZCS listing and announcements for support and services.

    To advocate for true openness and direct contribution to the ZCS code base from the community at large.

    To advance the belief that cooperative competition is good for the whole community and will advance the stability and features of the ZCS platform.

    To advocate for more modulations to the ZCS code base and proper licensing choices that allows for third party products and contributions to give the community more choices and freedom from vendor lock-in.
    To advocate and expand the use of ZCS in general and in new markets or technologies as being the first choice solution.

    To advocate and promote the ZCS community to be more involved in the underlying F/LOSS projects that ZCS is built upon and vice versa.

    Long Charter
    “Free - as in freedom/Libre, not gratis”. And with that quote we've all heard so often, we believe the best method to advocate for free speech in the Zimbra community is by way of a non-profit alliance that has the mission below. We believe that the Zimbra Collaboration Server [referred as ZCS below] is a successful and needful open source project. The mission is broken down into a number of sections.

    Goals for our community
    Allow all users, system administrators, developers, and companies a public space to interact on an equal level and without fear of conflict of interests in regards to the ZCS F/LOSS project.

    To help build the default public knowledge repository for ZCS related topics on zimbra.org first and then seconary locations if needed.

    Public listing of companies, vendors, consultants, and projects working with ZCS.

    A central listing of ZCS related blogs and news sites.

    Public knowledge-base/wiki server.

    A public forum.

    A public IRC channel.

    To promote the use and development of the F/LOSS Zimbra Server.

    To promote the use of OSI Approved licenses by Zimbra Inc.

    To promote the use of OSI Approved licenses by others that do not conflict with the upstream project.

    To advocate for a more public and consistent beta program.

    To advocate as a community about the long term interest of the health and continued development of the F/LOSS Zimbra Server.

    To remove obstacles to promote a truly extendable development environment that encompasses the ZCS server, modules, zimlets, admin console, and user interface.

    To interact with and contribute more to the underlying open source projects that ZCS is built upon.

    To increase the visibility and knowledge of the general skill-sets that are required to run and manage a ZCS server and the open source programs it leverages.

    To encourage the possibility that the ZCS server can also be built and developed along “market builds”. Specific builds intended for specific markets - education, non-profit, small business, hosting, etc.

    To help build a strong 'development market place' where the community can place bounties for development projects they would like to sponsor.

    Our principles
    By engaging in the development process for ZCS to ensure quality through an open source model.

    That the Alliance will avoid any corporate politics and just focus on the user community of the ZCS server to better serve their needs and interests.
    That the ZCS project will not go away or die, that it will live on regardless of the “corporate” status or situation of Zimbra Inc.

    That we believe the community should be the primary drivers of the ZCS project and therefore, in control of its direction rather than a corporate buyout and the uncertainty it brings. That the community , if unified, can reduce this uncertainty when and if a corporation change happens.

    That the ZCS project should embrace as much freedom as possible in the development and licensing model rather than “as necessary”.

    That “time” can be as valuable as money, in regards to commercial licenses or support. That this choice is for the user or customer to make based upon their own needs. The Alliance makes no stance in regards to other members desire on how they choose to license, market, or sell their services or code that works with the core ZCS project as long as the core ZCS licensing requirements are respected and not violated.

    Guy Carrè
    Filippo "Cine" Cinetto
    Adam "ajcody" Cody
    Phil Daws - Innovot
    Barry "barrydg" de Graaff
    Jorge "Jorge-zimb" de la Cruz
    Silvan M. "pcdog" Gebhardt
    Quanah Gibson-Mount

    Tony "Tonster" Publiski
    Bill "Phoenix" Pye
    Paolo "Zeus" Storti
    David "Klug" Tuitou

    on March 16th, 2016

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