1. Organization Structure

    Anyone can be part of the Zeta Alliance, except when legally forbidden to, within one of the following levels:

    Affiliate – people who help the Alliance by joining a team with no time or effort requirements.

    Member – people who commit themselves to actively contribute to the project. To qualify as a member, the candidate's efforts and contribution must be proven and a lazy approval from the other members is required.

    Patron – companies who provide donations or other way of financial/logistic support to the Alliance such as event organization, infrastructures and more. Patrons will be listed in a dedicated page of the Alliance's website.

    Founder – Honorary Acknowledgement to those that sign/vote on the initial founding charter.

    Governance and Bodies
    Board of Directors – people actively managing the Alliance's work, teams and assets with direct decisional power. The Board of Directors is elected within the members - the election is managed by the Supervisory Board - and it remains in charge for 3 years. Every director can opt to be a Team Leader for at most 1 team making sure that no team is led by less than 2 and more than 3 BoD members (none affiliated with the same company/organization).

    Supervisory Board – members, appointed as team leaders, who tangibly contribute to the project that manages the approval of other members and the BoD election, taking in charge the management of each own's team together with the Team Leaders from the BoD. A single person cannot be part of both the BoD and the Supervisory Board. For the initial period of 1 year, or until we get a number of members equal or higher than the number of Directors, the Members will be voted by the BoD.
    The Supervisory Board can be invited to BoD and BoP meetings in order to provide a “driving opinion” on specific matters which doesn’t count as a vote in any decision but should be taken into consideration when needed (e.g. tie breaking)

    Board of Patrons – similar to the Supervisory Board, but composed by people representing a specific company or entity who want to get involved with no voting power within either the BoD or the Supervisory Board that will bring a business point of view to the alliance. The BoP is open to any company whose business is based on ZCS - hosting, services, zimlet development - and to those projects involved in ZCS itself (Postfix, OpenLDAP, MariaDB…). BoP membership requests are evaluated by the BoD and, if approved, subject to a fee defined yearly by the BoP (applicants from OSS projects can be exempted from this fee).

    Decision model
    Many basic decisions are made through a process known as "lazy approval", in which general consent is assumed unless valid objections are raised within a period of time — generally two days, although the timeframe should be stated each time and should be proportionate to the impact of the action. This process is used for decisions with short-term consequences and which can be easily reversed.
    Any voting member can ask for the deadline to be extended or the decision escalated to require full consensus.

    More significant decisions are made through a process of full consensus. In order to pass, these decisions need three positive votes (+3) and no negative votes (-1) from the alliance directors. A negative vote immediately halts the process and requires discussion. Therefore, in order to remain valid, negative votes must be supported with a specific concerns about the proposal, and suggestions for what could be changed in order to make the proposal acceptable. Votes are raised within a period of time — generally two days, although the timeframe should be stated each time and should be proportionate to the impact of the action.
    All decisions are to be announced on the Zeta Alliance "Users" mailing list and will showed in the public archive for transparency.


    Applications and elections
    Board of Directors
    7 people elected every 3 years, any Member can apply as a candidate, considering the following:
    In case a director steps down before the end of the term, a new director should be elected for the remainder of the term.
    The board of directors keeps voting power as long as there are at least 5 directors.
    In case 4 or less directors are on the board, the board is suspended until new directors are elected.

    Supervisory Board
    Elected every 2 years by each team,any Member can apply as a candidate for one of the teams he is part of.

    Board of Patrons
    Applications are discussed and approved by the Board of Directors- with a "lazy approval" vote. Maximum of two people representing a single company.

    The Zeta Alliance is organized in teams, each led by two or three people from the ‘Board of Directors’ complemented by people in the ‘Supervisory Board’ that take charge of one specific aspect of our work.

    Zimbra Community team
    [team leaders: AJCody , philip, UxBoD, Jorge, Cine, Silvan ‘pcdog’ Gebhardt]
    Blog and forum helpers/mods that help people solving zimbra-related issues and keep an eye on the well-being of the users.
    People devoted to information sharing and to community engagement, active on the forum and on all social medias to promote and spread our values and work and gathering user feedback.
    Documentation writers and editors that actively create content based on the "contents" schedule and on the feedbacks/needs of the users. Set up a public and private Zimbra beta program.

    Translation group : [ philip, Jorge ]
    Help identify and unify efforts for expanding language support within ZCS

    Small Business group: [ UxBoD ]
    Small businesses collaborating together to provide better ZCS and other F/LOSS services.

    Education group: [ ]
    Schools collaborating together to provide better ZCS and other F/LOSS services.

    Security & Monitoring group: [ UxBoD ]
    Focus on security issues and enhanced monitoring for ZCS.

    Hosting Providers group: [ Silvan ‘pcdog’ Gebhardt ]
    Hosting companies collaborating together to provide better ZCS and other F/LOSS services.

    NGO/Non-Profit group: [ Barry de Graaff ]
    NGO’s and Non-Profits collaborating together to provide better ZCS and other F/LOSS services.

    Development team
    [team leaders: Barry de Graaff, David S]
    Developers that write docs and code samples to introduce other people to "zimbra programming" and help managing any dev-related asset we might setup or sponsor (git repos and the like). Implement and maintain the bounty platform and target legal issues surrounding code contributions. Oversee and help Zimbra project transparency.

    Current Resources:

    Support team
    [team leaders: Filippo "Cine" Cinetto, Silvan ‘pcdog’ Gebhardt, Jorge]
    People in charge of the maintenance of our IT assets and of setting up new ones.